Refund Policy

If the tour or any part thereof cannot be conducted under the Force Majeure or Vis Majeure clause, the Company shall not be responsible to give any refund to you. However, at its sole discretion, the Company gives the refund based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancellation policies of suppliers like hoteliers, coach operators, etc. the decision of the Company on the quantum of refund shall be final.

It would take at least 45 days to process the refund (if due). In this case, the below will be followed;
Prior to 30 days or more: Non-refundable deposit of Rs.­­­­­10000 per person

  • Between 29 - 20 days of departure: Non-refundable deposit (Rs.10, 000) + 25% of the package cost
  • Between 19 - 14 days of departure: Non-refundable deposit (Rs.10, 000) + 50% of the package cost
  • Between 13 - 8 days of departure: Non-refundable deposit (Rs.10, 000) + 75% of the package cost
  • Prior to 7 days of the departure: 100% of the package cost

It is clearly understood that there shall be no refund whatsoever if the Client does not or cannot utilize any of the services like hotels, sightseeing, rides, cruises, meals, entrance fees, optional tours etc. due to any reason whatsoever.
For any special case or factor, please contact us on

Refund Terms

(i) Refunds if any, for variation/modification/amendments/alteration and/or cancellations etc. of any tour will be paid directly to the tourist by 'A/C payee' cheque, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, as per Reserve Bank of India Rules and Regulations, irrespective of whether the tour payments in part or whole were made in foreign currency.
(ii) No refund will be payable,
a)for any missed / unused services of the tour including the meals due to whatsoever reason.
b)Where full deposit is required to be paid in advance to the concerned authorities to enable Company to confirm the reservation
c)If services of the tour are modified, varied, amended, cancelled or not utilized.
d)if any tourist decides and or is required to cancel the tour due to any changes made in the rules by the concerned Government.
e) where Airfares are contracted in bulk for Airport to Airport
f) If the tour is indefinitely postponed due to natural calamity, riots, political calamities or any other unforeseen calamities
g)Refund is not applicable for Indian / domestic sectors and on certain conditions which include that such air tickets are non refundable and date change is not allowed.